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Kimberly McKeand is running for Mobile City Council, District 2. 



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Hi, my name is Kimberly McKeand.

Hi, my name is Kimberly McKeand. I am a civil rights organizer and LGBTQ+ activist, and I am running for Mobile City Council District 2. This is my first run for a seat on the Mobile City Council, and I am eager to talk about political transparency and accountability; fixing overflooding drainage systems, and the need to install bus stop shelters for our public transportation riders. I have learned that many of our citizens may not have a firm understanding of what the Mobile City Council does or CAN do. My aim is to educate and involve the community in District 2 and create a platform of communication that enhances transparency and accountability while engaging my constituents.


I care about the LGBTQ+ community and I want us to have a seat at the table, whether you know which district you live in or not. I am here to represent our entire community. I am going to hold myself with such integrity, transparency, and accountability that it will make other candidates have to do the same. I want our voice to be heard. I want to fight for us and we need a seat at the table to do that. I need your vote to get us there.

For me, there is little distinction between public service and statewide advocacy, which is why I have chosen to run for a seat on the Mobile City Council representing District 2, where I have lived for 21 years. We are in a city that has never had an openly gay candidate or council member. The City Council has been predominantly male, and that is why I am hoping my campaign will stand out while bringing diversity to this office .

Today, I serve as the Secretary and District 2 appointee to the City of Mobile Human Relations Commission. As a civil rights organizer and LGBTQ+ activist, I gained national notoriety as the co-plaintiff in the landmark federal case Searcy vs. Strange, which legalized same-sex marriage in Alabama in 2015. My decade-long court battle for same-sex rights is told in the 2017 full-length documentary, "Alabama Bound”. Today, I serve as the director of digital outreach and communications for AIDS Alabama, a statewide nonprofit organization that is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people living with HIV. In May 2020, I was named by The Advocate magazine as a Champion of Pride for my LGBTQ+ advocacy in Alabama.

As you can tell, I run with my passions, and if I see a need, I run to help. It’s an ongoing theme with me – go big or go home. Running for District 2 City Council feels natural to me considering my long-standing interest in politics, civil and human rights, and community organizing. 

LGBTQ people are definitely looking for change, for our voices to be heard, and true equity in local politics. THAT is why we need a seat in the Mobile City Council. Now more than ever. 

And you know what? A lot of people do not know which district they live in. This lack of awareness and participation is something that I plan to change once elected, because my entire platform centers on transparency, accountability, and community engagement. 

It takes a village. So, let’s start here! Vote Kimberly McKeand for Mobile City Council District 2! #OutForMcKeand



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